Revise this: I have had the opportunity to work in several medical fields including, long-term care facilities, rehabilitation units and my favorite, the Burn ICU department. I have met wonderful nurses and charge nurses who have helped me learn the true meaning of compassionate care, accountability and recognition. It is treating each and everyone of our patients just as if they were our own family members. I also learned the importance of teamwork at home growing up but it was reinforced with my colleagues and team members in the ICU. We constantly had patients coming in with severe burns and my job as an assistant was to help the wound care nurses to clean wounds and apply medication and new dressings. It is amazing to see how well nurses work together and the big differences they can make when it comes to providing the best patient care. They have taught that we are all of the same team when to comes to working in a unit. We have oppuritnes to help our colleagues and communicate with our doctors to ensure the best possible care for the pateints but also to uplift each one of us as team members. Assigning each member a role and using communication tools to ensure that everyone is on the same page have taught me how to communicate not only with my coworkers but also with my friends and my family. Our nurses, team work promote always offer a helping hand which aligns with my values that I have learned in my home. Our coworkers are our second family and we must remain as a unit to tackle the challenges we face and to grow togtehre successfully. We hold ourselves accountable not as a punishment but rather a s a teaching moment and for poorputinti to grow with knowledge. We also recognize our colleagues hard work and we show our appreciation with out support, kind words and awards. I loved working as a wound care assisntat and I learned a lot from the nicest and caring nurses at UCI. forward to returning as a registered nurse who can continue