revise this: I was inspired to be a nurse when I was a young high school teen. I was experiencing the most painful symppos of a UTI. However, I was not aware of this during this time, my parents seldom attended medical appointments because it was not a common traditon in Mexico. In the Mexican culture, home remedies were prominent and it was rare to have to visit the emergency room. In my home, I had little knowledge about the importance about going to the medical office to get check ups ocaccionalt and I had little experience about the important practices that help prevent UTI. It was my first time going to hospital and I was terrified. I was afraid and assumed the worst but I had a nice and knowledgeable nurse who educated my mom and I about UTIs. The doctor saw me for 2 minutes but the nurse stayed at our side and comforted my mom and I. She reassured us and educated us about the ways to prevent infections and how important It is to drink water and complete the antibiotics. I kept having recurring infections because as soon as I started feeling better, I would stop taking the medications. The nurse made sure to ask all the right questions and made sure that I was abel to teach back. She inspired me to want to be a nurse because she was able to do more for me by just asking the riggh questions and give me the best experience I had that allwed me to change my opinion on the medical field. I understand this and I look forward to changing peoples lives bu helping them and teaching them health maintenance.