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Overall, coming from a Mexican background, working with excellent nurses in at UCI and being a patient at a hospital and being taken care of by a kind nurse has allowed me to become the person I am today. I want to share these values with not only my paitnets but with my future children and husband. I want to continue to ttake care of people and with the support of God, I know that I can get throguht the difficult challenges. God works through my hands and I believe my hands are blessed to heal and change wounds and provide comfort to those people in need. I want to finish my degree to support my family and to support my patients and be able to provide them with the knowldhe that they need to help them live longer healthier , happier lives. I am so grateful to be in this program and it has taken me over 8 years ot be here. I have learned a lot throguhtout my life and ive learned that every encounter every obstacle and every person that comes into my life even for a brief second, is meant to be apart of my life. God challenges us and gives us obstacles to train us, and prepare us. I wear the armor of god and keep by head held high to serve and protect my comminty and my family and I.