Roberto Galgano is a 67-year-old male of Italian Heritage presenting with a 2-day history of vomiting and diarrhea related to food poisoning. He has a past history of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, an increased BMI, hypertension and is a current smoker.  His IVS has tissued and his veins have been difficult to cannulate and as a result has not received IV hydration. His last urine output was concentrated and dark in colour and his bladder scan showed no residual urine. He appears to have dry mucous membranes, cold peripheries and poor skin turgor which is indicating that he is suffering from severe dehydration. Mr Galgano, is in need o

His recent vital signs at 0730 hours are:

BP 95/65 mmHg

HR 110 bpm

RR 20 breaths per minute

SpO2 94% Room Air via finger probe and his SpO2 has consistently been 94-96% since admission

T 37.1

Utilising best practice research, contemporary evidence and the nursing standards to assist, students are encouraged to link any relevant Cultural considerations, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology to the case study patient to compliment any suggested nursing care and management.


  1. Based on your initial impression what do you think is now wrong with Roberto? In your answer please provide relevant pathophysiology.


  1. What clinical impression, together with signs and symptoms, is Roberto presenting with that formed your impression of the condition you believe he is now suffering from and why do these signs & symptoms occur (underlying pathophysiology)?


  1. Discuss the nursing care and management, using evidence-based literature, required for managing and maintaining Roberto’s potential diagnosis (what you think is now happening),  in a culturally safe manner, with rationales as to why this care is provided. Include relevant medical and pharmacological treatment options.


  1. List two ACUTE potential problems that Roberto is at risk of due to this current condition that you think is occurring.  Provide rationales as to why this is a potential risk and three nursing management preventative strategies for each of these problems.


Your case-study essay should be structured as follows: 


  • Start by setting the context and providing relevant background information.
  • Include a statement that is a response to the case-study-essay question, and that summarises the main aim or points of the case-study essay.
  • Outline the main ideas to be discussed in the case-study essay, in the order they appear in the body of the essay.

Body (You may type each question into the body and provide your response underneath.  The questions will not be included in your word count)

  • Each paragraph should cover a single idea expressed in a topic sentence, followed by supporting evidence and examples from contemporary academic literature, including peer-reviewed journal articles.


 Conclusion: A summary of your appraisal.

  • Sum up your main points

This is an academic assignment; therefore, academic standards inclusive of grammar, sentence structure, paraphrasing and APA 7th edition referencing for both in-text citations and referencing apply.