The Patient with Diabetes Mellitus Nursing Program NUR 155 Contemporary Nursing

“The Patient with Diabetes Mellitus
Nursing Program
NUR 155 Contemporary Nursing Practice I
Case Study Assignment The Patient with Diabetes Mellitus
This assignment will require the student to research develop and write a paper that provides general information about diabetes and specific information related to the patient portrayed in the case study.
The paper is to reflect individual work without collaboration and is due by 0830 June 24 2015
Papers submitted after that time will receive a five point deduction.
Five points will also be deducted for each additional day the case study is late including weekend days.
This assignment is worth 7% of the total course grade.
A. Topic: Diabetes Mellitus a chronic illness that complicates hospitalizations. This assignment provides a chance to research learn and understand a disease that has reached epidemic proportions in this country. Each student will receive a case study assignment.
B. Mechanics
1. Format: The case study should be typed Times New Roman font size 12 (except for medication box which will need to be 10 to fit the boxes) and should not exceed 8 pages excluding title page and references. Use the box template provided in the sample paper. Information in the boxes may be in bullet formation; information not in boxes should be in complete sentences and in APA format. No abstract is needed. Utilize accurate APA guidelines for references. APA formatting resources:
APA Publication Manual (6th Edition) [available in the bookstore and the LRC]LRC and English Tutors (available at Beaufort & New River) They will review/proofread your paper and aid with formatting.