There are four Meta paradigms in the study of nursing. These include the health of a person the person himself the nursing activity and the general environment.

There are four Meta paradigms in the study of nursing. These include the health of a person the person himself the nursing activity and the general environment. The college of St. Petersburg shows that all these dimensions are interrelated and they work to reinforce each other in the profession of nursing. From the St. Petersburg College nursing has a lot to do with a persons values and principles. It has also a lot to do with expertise conjoined with theory and practice.
Personal Beliefs
Based on the St. Petersburg nursing colleges handbook the personal beliefs of a person can either be inborn or influenced by the environment that a person works and lives in. Belief systems in the nursing profession are based on the nursing experience and also guided by relevant philosophers such as Adam. There are many theories that shape a nurses beliefs and the major one is Adams philosophy that states that a nurse is guided by the principles of her work such as in caregiving in different types of patients.
This is a group of individuals who have different and unique capabilities. An individual has distinct differences that separate him from another individual. From the nursing handbook the issues of personality behavior and attitude stand out as the distinctions between the individuals in a given setting. People are also defined by their careers and their responsibilities in a society. In the nursing profession a persons interactions with the patients could define and mold who he is and how he is different from another nurse.
Guided by Adams philosophy health is the holistic functioning of the body without illness or diseases. It can be segmented into physical health and psychological or mental health. Good health is seen as the absence of any abnormities in the body and the status of a person is perfect. Health is dynamic as a person has minimal or no control at all over the way his body functions.
Nursing in its self is the art of providing care to a patient. The aim of nursing is to relieve pain offer comfort and provide support to anyone who is in dire need of it. It can be conducted in a hospital setting or outside the hospitals environs. It emphasizes on virtues of integrity honesty and compassion. Just like in insurance the nurse seeks to indemnify the patient through the provision of high quality services as may be needed.
The environment is the working condition that surrounds a nurse. The environment is composed of people resources systems and even the social-cultural factors. These conditions influence the decisions and actions that a nurse makes in his daily activities. The nurses personality attitudes and behaviors are usually shaped by the surroundings and the way to live in harmony with the different parameters is influenced by his values.
Reaching Out
Reaching out is the act of assisting a patient in the way that he/she deems it fit. This is done by consulting his beliefs or values and then basing the health care of what he deems right or wrong. Consultations are very helpful in this strategy and the patients comfort is of paramount significance.
Promotes and Supports
The art of nursing brings into play the various dimensions of life. It aims at promoting the wellbeing of the person while remaining true to the principles and foundations of nursing. It also supports the provision of health care as the doctors do their work and trust the nurses to complement them by offering the prescribed care to the patients. In nursing the promotion of a persons values beliefs and stability are the guidelines and to do this a compassionate attitude is required.
The Authors View
St. Petersburg College identifies the close interrelationship between an individual and the society in large. It also shows the holistic dimension of the nursing profession and gives the fact that the environment cannot be ignored when discussing the factors that come into play in the nursing profession. The personal traits and experiences also form the behavior and attitude that a person emits towards his job as a caregiver.
Health As Spc Explain and the Environment
The nursing handbook shows that an individual should take all necessary steps and measures to make sure that he has utilized all his energy and knowledge in the provision of services. This will define quality and efficiency while maintaining balance in various conflicting nursing principles. The environment also a major determining factor in the way a nurse conducts his duties.
Nursing at Spc
A look at various theories shows that nursing is concerned with human responses and the well-being of a persons mental and physical health
Common Characteristics and Differences
St. Petersburg College and Adams theory share some common principles. This is because they agree that the environment the persons values and his skills all work together to enhance the chances of fulfilling the roles of nursing. However they also have their differences. While St. Petersburg believes that a person has the responsibility of achieving his own optimum health functions Adams theory states that a patient has to be assisted by a nurse during his periods of illness to get well.
St. Petersburg also lies on the principle that a person can learn to cope and relate to others for his personal gain while Adam believes that people often interact with each other to learn from as much as possible.