This academic paper requires students to articulate in writing the patient presented at their Clinical Case Conference. It should be su mitted as a report.

This academic paper requires students to articulate in writing the patient presented at their Clinical Case Conference. It should be su mitted as a report. There must be analysis of the patients medical
condition(s) demonstrating the ability to applytheoretical concepts including (but not limited too) pharmacology; patho-physiology; anatomy
and physiology. There must be presentation and evaluation of nursing and medical management of the patient. Sound clinical rationales must
Re pro1idetd that support the care afforded the patient. Appropriate evidence sources must be used and Harvard referencing used
roug ou
Please according to the patients case. (I have attached it)
Follow the structure and marking rubic.
The requirement
and structure of this essay:
Introduction: (200 words)
1.lntroduces patient student presented at Case Conference
biographical data
3.Presents current medical history of this patient
4.Presents past medical history of this Patient
1.Demonstrates understanding of patients medical condition(s)
including relevant anatomy and physiology and in depth
Sathophysiology discussion.
Nursing management lncluded clinical assessment presented
using lSBAR(lntroduction Situation
BackgroundAssessment Recommend) explanation of how nursing management relatesto
medical management with clear clinical rationales
provided role
of interdisciplinary team involvement explained and primary health care strategies evident.
3.Medical management and
Treatments described including
all relevant pharmacological non- pharmacological treatments
pain management explained and clear
clinical rationales provided
ggeldev ant Laboratory results/ Diagnostic tests included (put in appendix if word count is high)
VI ence
of ability to make clinical inferences based upon the data av ailable.
5.Psychosocial I Environmental [Economic aspects of the case
7.Ethical and legal aspects included if relevant
B.Education of patient lfamily
9.Discharge Planning
Article Discussion:
(500 words)(lv e attached for youplease use that one)
Shrivastava R Shrivastava S & Ramasamy J2013 Role of self-care in management
of diabetes mellitus Journal of Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders Vol.12 No.14
1.Description of how this literature findings/recent
evidence is related to the case
2.Comparison and critique of the management I nursing care of
the case against the
3.Suggestions of alternative management [nursing care
Summary and conclusion: (100 words)
1.Summary of the
2.Education needs of the patient
3.Short and long term outcomes
4.other relevant comments
I need at least 20 reference for this
essay and must less than 6 years(2009-2014). The article should mention about Type 2 Diabetes management and self-care.
In this essa y
just following the requirement of the numbers mention all of the essay requirement and structure.
Patients Case
1. Patient Data
Name: Mr X Gender: Male Age: 84 yrs
2. Psychosocial leconomic background
Hes Independent with
ADLs. His wife died 2 years ago. He was born in Italy He came to Australia in 1945. Hes living in Adelaide now. He speaks English. He
worked at Car factory. He retired for a long time ago.
He has1 daughter and 2 sons. They live in Adelaide. Now he lives in a house with
his daughter. is daughter and son-in-law take care of him.
He has medical insurance.
He has quit smoking when he was 35-year-old. Drug
free. Before he came to the hospital he drinks 2 glasses of wine a day.
He can drive and shopping by himself.
3. Date and reason for
admission/Current medical history
This patient admitted with left pleural effusion on 3/1012014.
He was admitted with Pneumonia in
Ashford Hospitalfor 3 weeks last month.
On the admission day pt is A + O. coughing and shortness of breath. No chest pain. Ankles
moae swollen. He has low BP. Systolic pressure between 90-11ommHg. Diastolic pressure between 50-6ommHg. Other Obs stable. Cough improvec
4 Past medical history
Type 2 Diabetes(T2DM)(He had for 4 years) Congestive Heart Failure(CCF) Pneumonia Arial
Fibrillation(AF) Left Ventricle Failure(LVF) Gout Osteoporosis Low Blood Pressure High Cholesterol Constipation
Please Discuss Only
Focus on three PMHX-T2DM CCF Pneumonia.
Discuss pathophysiology of a pleural effusion and also need to relate this to why it is
occurring in this patient- related to the patients CCF. Why he had pneumonia before? What isthe connection? And also discuss in much
greater etail- including your terminology of preload and afterload and the workload of the heart. How are we managing this is hospital?
Whattreatment doesthe patient have for this?
The patient has heart failure- CCF. You needed to discuss how the effects of alcohol can
worsen the CCF.
T2DM- covered the multidisciplinary team that should be involved in this patients care- diabetes educator
physiotherapist dietician- who else would have been of benefit for the patients care.
how often was the BGLs monitored? Was
there an associated insulin treatment regime??
5 Diagnosis (lesting/confirmation & pathology results)
ECG Showed AF (No P
Troponin positive
Chest X-Ray small bilateral pleural effusions
Echo heart size is generally enlarged.
test high Urea & Creatinine- Kidney Dysfunction
lNR Result 1 .1 (because using Warfarin)
The target is 2-3.5
They may hav e
been holding Warfarin in hospital due to the pleural tap. Please discussthe therapeutic range for this patient we would be aiming
Need to discuss how this is related to the patients condition
5 Treatment