This is a Review of Literature paper. Writer can choose topic or possibly use childhood obesity, nurse burnout, lateral violence but this must be nursing related and please let me know the .

General Directions: The primary purpose of this assignment is for the students summarize research on a topic and briefly summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the individual studies. It is a narrative review of the literature: it is what many researchers will do in preparation for a study. Narrative reviews are the most elementary form of a literature review. It is intended to provide an overview of the research on a specific topic. When an individual is preparing to do a research project he or she will do an extensive, and often exhaustive, review of the literature which can involve dozens articles. For this paper, the expectation is approximately 10 research articles. You may include have more if you wish. The studies may be quantitative or qualitative. All articles must be primary sources. Depending on the topic, some of the studies may come from outside the nursing literature. However, at least 75% of the articles must come from the nursing literature. The topic must be nursing related. This can be broadly defined. It does not have to be related to direct patient care. It can be related to nursing education or nursing administration. Nursing education topics include many topics related to students. Nursing administration will bring in topics that are related to human resources and to other management issues. Rubric- Be careful to not make your topic so broad that you end up with thousands of articles in your search or so narrow that you end up with only two or three articles. Tips for searching for articles: Use a discipline related database: CINAHL is one that is frequently used for nursing, but it is not the only option. Practice searching. Ebscohost, Proquest and OVID function a little differently. Most of the databases at LR are accessed through Ebscohost or Proquest while some of the AHEC sources use OVID. While Google is the answer for many things, it is often not the answer for literature searches. The reason is that many of the articles that come up on Google (even Google Scholar) are not the most current research and many are foreign. Age of articles: most of the studies that you use should be less than 5 year old. Occasionally, there may be an older classic study that is appropriate to use. What it a classic study? A classic study is one that is considered ground breaking and significant. It is the study that many others refer to. A good example of a classic study is the Aiken studies that were done in the early 2000s about staffing and patient mortality. Even though the research is more than 10 years old, it was very significant at the time and has led to additional studies and continues to be referred to in many articles about staffing and patient mortality. This is a formal paper and must be written in APA format including headers, headings, page numbers, and title page. While APA does require an abstract, for this paper it is not necessary. Title Page in APA format with the following information: title of the paper, your name, Nursing 503, Lenoir Rhyne University and the date. Introduction: 1-2 paragraphs to introduce and define the topic Article Summary: Summarize each study with minimal or no quotes. You should only quote the article if there is absolutely no other way to say something. The summary should be concise. There should be transitions between each of the studies that you found. Articles must be cited in APA format. This will be the majority of the paper. Summary: 1-2 paragraphs at the end to summarize the paper. Reference page: Correct APA format Grading: This paper is graded based on 100 points, but is weighted according to the syllabus. This paper is worth 30% of your grade for this course. It is graded using a modified version MSN Writing Rubric.