What behavioral attributes do you practice that identify you as a professional ?

CS 204

? View the ?sets of slides.

Part 1: View and Analysis? (3-4 paragraphs)

Describe and explain what you viewed. Answer the following questions in

your response:

? Were the individuals professional? ? What made the individuals professional (consider attire, communication

skills, presentation of self, etc.)? ? After reviewing the slides, describe areas that would be unprofessional in

your field when considering attire and presentation of self? ? Include any additional thoughts.

Part 2: Personal Reflection and Connection? (4 paragraphs)

? What is the appropriate attire for an individual in your profession? ? Note: you may want to research this by talking to those in your

profession or researching appropriate attire for your profession as this may differ from what you viewed in the presentations. Review a brief overview of what is not appropriate attire in the majority of career fields.

? Describe what makes someone a professional in your field. Use research and/or reflect on your personal experiences and what you know about your profession (or the profession you will work in).

? What behavioral attributes do you practice that identify you as a professional ?

? What attributes, such as attire, communication skills, and presentation of self, do you possess that make you professional?


EF 205 unit 2

THE BOOK https://kaplan.vitalsource.com/books/9781284036831/epubcfi/6/28[idloc_013.xhtml-itemref]!/ 4[eid18990]/26[eid22927]/8[page_break_inline_285]@0:89.1

Assignment: (?Lab 1-1 Healthstyle: a Self-Test?)

Unit outcomes addressed in this assignment:

Describe the relationship between physical activity and health Identify and define the components of fitness and wellness

Course outcome assessed/addressed in this assignment:

EF205-1: Describe the components of physical fitness and performance.


? Complete Lab 1.1 on pgs 285-287 in your Thygerson and Thygerson book ? Submit a summary of your findings from Lab 1.1. You do not need to

submit the actual lab, just a write up which includes a summary of your findings.

? In your write up, answer these questions: 1. List and describe the components of fitness, wellness and

performance. 2. Does your current lifestyle meet the definitions of fitness and

wellness? 3. Do you consider yourself physically active? Why? 4. What are some behaviors you can change that will provide you

with a longer, healthier life?

Refer to your Lab 1-1 when answering these questions.

https://kaplan.vitalsource.com/books/9781284036831/epubcfi/6/28[idloc_013.xhtml-itemr ef]!/4[eid18990]/26[eid22927]/8[page_break_inline_285]@0:89.1


? This assignment needs to be approximately 2 pages in length, written in APA format and, include any references as needed.

EF 205 unit 3


? Complete Lab 3-1 on pg. 289-290 in your book. Write up a summary of your findings and submit this write up via the dropbox. You do not need to include your lab.

? In your write up, list and describe the different stages of change and also list your current stage of change for the behavior that you chose to use to complete Lab 3-1.

? You should also discuss which processes of change (consciousness raising, helping relationships, etc) would be most useful in your current stage of change (see Table 3.1 in your book).

? You should also give examples of techniques that you could use for each process of change (see Table 3.1).


This paper should be 1-2 pages in length and adhere to APA format.

References should be cited.

EF205 unit 4


? Complete Labs 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 on pgs 293-301 in your Fit to Be Well Book. You do not need to submit these labs, just submit the write up. Be sure to answer these questions: Describe the process for evaluating health status. Based on the information obtained from the PAR-Q, would you need a physician’s permission to engage in exercise testing for the next few units? Why? What risk factors are you dealing with and are any precautions needed for fitness testing and exercise? How did your score on Lab 4-2 compare to your findings from lab 3-1? Do you think Lab 4-2 is an accurate measure of where you are in regard to increasing PA in your life?

For Lab-4-3, what are your major barriers? Which suggestions will you use to overcome these barriers and why?


? This assignment should be approximately 2-3 pages in length, written in APA format. References should be cited.