What is the most cost effective mail system used in business?


What do you do to ensure an email will be read and the meaning retained?


When you open mail with a small enclosure where do you attach it?


How do you handle mail in a manager’s absence?


What happens to a letter mailed without sufficient postage?


Each part of a name that is used to determine the filing order is called a?


Papers within individual file folders are arranged according to?


Transferring a file each time a case is closed is called the what method?


Papers in a miscellaneous alphabetic folder are first arranged in ?


Which filing system requires a relative index?


A project is defined as what?


To effectively lead a team a project manager must?


How many recognized phases exist in project management?


What must the project manager do to keep a project on track?


What is the administrative professional’s role during a project?


A fax transmission uses internet or what to send documents?


You should not open or separate a letter from its contents until you have

Checked the packing slip or invoice.


What should be done once the mail has been sorted and opened as common practice?


What is a series of elements joined together in a sequence ?


Once approval on a project happens and the team is assembled what is the next phase?


What is the key to a project from a project assistants perspective?

Filing is one segment of a broad office function called what?


An electronic information system has what that identifies certain files, it acts like an electronic filing cabinet?


In an A-Z filing system if this happens to one section the sections behind it must be adjusted

To accommodate this?


There are many variations to alphabetic filing what?


Who has the responsibility of planning, implementing and concluding the project?


What phase involves putting the plan in place to guide the team through the project process?


What is the formal process of accepting delivery of a product?


What is a graphic display of schedule related information?


What is a formally approved version of  the project schedule or budget?


What is the scheduled cost for a task called?


When you obtain under contract supplies and services to meet the needs of a project is called?


This can help to manage departments, people and outcomes?


This phase involves the finalization and acceptance of the project?


This tool can take data from different sources and make it available in one place?