What type of health care setting do you imagine yourself working in?


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HCM612 -1504B -01

Management the Healthcare Organization

Phase 1 DB 2- Why…

By John W. Casto


Dr. Christopher Miller

Why did you decide to go into health care?

This is a very difficult question for me to answer, as I just recently decided to go into Health Care Management. Truthfully, I had not given it much thought with the exception of the realization that this field of study is ever growing and can continue; or withstand even adepression.

What job titles have you considered?

The only title that came to mind was, Office Manager or Hospital Administrator. I love running offices, but in all truth I really had no idea what a Hospital Administrator did until some research enlightened me. After seeing the list of careers in this field such as- Ambulatory care center manager, Assistant administrator, Clinical director/manager, Director of nursing, Facility manager, Health and social service manager, Health care consultant, Health care financial manager, Hospital administrator, Insurance specialist, Managed care manager, Medical device/pharmaceutical sales representative, Medical records coordinator, Medical records manager, Nurse manager, Nursing home administrator, Nutrition service manager, Office manager, Practice manager, Program coordinator, or Program manager. But it is to my belief that my skills would bet be utilized by being an Office Manager or Mental Health Administrator, as I have extensive experience in both fields.

What skills and abilities would you like to use in your day-to-day work?

Well, as you can tell by this point, office skills are what I would most like to use in this field. I do not know why, but I love working in offices and making sure all the paperwork is taken care of. Office managers fall between the styles of business and creative writing combined into one report.

What type of health care setting do you imagine yourself working in?

A master’s degree in health administration is a more common educational path for those who wish to reach upper management, and can open doors to positions with much more responsibility. Some choose to earn their doctorate in a management-related field in order to reach for even higher levels of employment in the healthcare system. Regardless of the degree level, most employers prefer to hire someone who has a strong background of experience in administration in a healthcare setting, or those with specialized experience in one particular area of healthcare. So, if nothing else, I can at least teach in the atmosphere of HealthCare Management and therefore keeping me alive in the workforce.


This story ends as it started, with me not knowing what direction I’m actually headed, but I know that this degree will at least give me the tools to stay local to my area; and that’s all I really want. I like psychology, office management, and helping people. Does anyone who reads this know of any other positions that I may not have included? I would appreciate all the feedback I can get. Thank you.

John W. Casto M.B.A., M.S.M.