Writer to familiarize and speak to attachment DNP Essentials competencies ..in particular DNP essentials # ii and IV

Writer provide to the following two questions:
Substantial and doctoral critical thinking responses that add to the question asked
No incomplete sentences use of vague terms
APA 6th ed/ grammar / spelling and punctuation to be 100% correct
Sources no more than 5 years old / from Evidence Based articles
Citations / Scholarly evidence based sources in text and more than 3 sources for each question
Citations to be no abbreviations e.g Journal names include page # and volumes
Avoid inadequate citations; using one citation at the end of a paragraph and not citing every evidence based sentences in the paragraphs
Writer to be Doctoral nurse practitioner credential expert in Nursing informatics
No Title page required
Q1. Nursing Informatics and Advanced Nursing Practice
Derived from acute care or homehealth healthcare experience describe the relationships among computer science information science and nursing science from an advanced nursing practice perspective.
Q2. Nursing Information Systems and Advanced Nursing Practice
Derived from acute care or homehealth healthcare experience describe the impact of a selected nursing information system on a selected healthcare stakeholder (patient family or nurse) from an advanced nursing practice perspective.
Define nursing informatics from an advanced nursing practice perspective.
Describe the potential of nursing information systems in advanced nursing practice.
Analyze the Foundation of Knowledge model from an advanced nursing practice perspective.
Explain nursing informatics from a DNP-prepared nurse perspective.
Appraise attributes of knowledge from an advanced nursing practice perspective.
Examine potential relationships among nursing science information science and computer science in advanced nursing practice
( i) Explore nursing informatics and nursing information systems. (ii) Consider basic concepts of nursing informatics and then apply them to the perspective of advanced nursing practice (nurse practitioner. (iii) Examine how the development of nursing science has influenced the development of nursing informatics. (iv) Explore nursing information systems in relation to the Foundation of Knowledge model and its potential contribution to Doctoral Nursing practice-prepared practice (DNP) . As the DNP-prepared nurse is suited well to translate knowledge into practice explain about how nursing informatics can lead to improved advanced nursing practice!
Following Readings Taken directly from literature ( Do not copy and paste any of this information into writers response)
Overview of Informatics and Information Systems in Nursing
Writer stop and reflect on the reading by Choi and Zucker (2013). This is an important reading in which doctoral graduates will want to consider the degree to which manifest nursing informatics competencies. Remember that self-report may be considered a limitation in research but no more of a limitation than the influence of the Hawthorne effect when one is observed. Stop for a moment and consider what is perceive to be informatics skills knowledge and integrative abilities for nurse practitioner/ doctoral graduates. You will want to revisit this article again for a question I will pos in the coming weeks to you. This will determine the degree to which nurse practitioner perceived competencies have improved!
The Internet has become a major influence on U.S. healthcare. As Internet use has become commonplace healthcare consumers turn to it for interactive health assessments; personalized diet and fitness programs; accessing healthcare information; and shopping for pharmaceuticals insurance plans and medical supplies and equipment. In addition to public-use computer applications in health services information systems include administrative and clinical information systems and decision-support systems. Administrators boards of directors and medical and nursing staff members depend on information systems for the timely management of data in all areas of the healthcare organization (Shi & Singh 2008). From the perspective of advanced nursing practice nothing has been as dramatic in patient care as the recent influence of nursing informatics.
Nursing Science Versus Nursing Informatics
Through the years nursing science has come to be thought of as a blended science combining evidence-based practice nursing research and nursing theory. To the same extent nursing informatics has emerged as a blended science combining computer information and nursing sciences. In their early classic work Graves and Corcoran (1989) defined nursing informatics as a combination of computer science information science and nursing science designed to assist in the management and processing of nursing data information and knowledge (p. 227). In the early 1980s nursing informatics emerged as a specialty that was initially centered around the application of computer science to nursing. With the rapid growth of information science nursing informatics has greatly benefited from emerging hardware and software applications for practice. Data can now be isolated and communicated to construct information which in turn can be further integrated into new knowledge and wisdom (Turley 1996).