Your patient today is Aaron Preston, a 7-year-old male. Aaron presents to the emergency department with his mother reporting difficulty breathing. The patient was playing outdoors today and the air quality is poor due to recent wildfires. He used his home nebulizer, as he has a history of asthma, which his mother administered prior to arrival without relief. His mother states that he “started looking blue around the lips” so she brought him in. Once you have reviewed the electronic health record, you will need to perform a focused assessment, including a history and physical. You will then complete a care plan and write a nursing note.
1. What complications can you anticipate with this kind of patient? (At least 3)
2. What are the top three priorities for this type of patient?
3. How does this patient usually present?
4. What do you know about the pathophysiology of this disease?
5. What medications are usually prescribed for this condition?